Energizer FNL2BU1 Booklite

Energizer FNL2BU1 Booklite

Energizer FNL2BU1 is hands free Booklite grey & black in color and is powered by 2 x CR2032 Lithium batteries. It is useful for book reading during night when you don’t want to disturb others’ sleep. One side of its head is a manual slide switch On/Off button and the other side has a 5mm Nichia LED which provides enough light to illuminate the book. The neck is flexible for easy bending or repositioning. But usually the neck gives disturbing undesirable wrong side back push while adjusting. Its lower end contains large extended spring clip which mounts securely to the book to hold it on the required pages. The Booklite is of enough length to adjust its neck for any general size book. On the back of the clip there is its battery carrier. You just have to unscrew the screw on it to replace the batteries.

Energizer FNL2BU1 BookliteEnergizer FNL2BU1 BookliteEnergizer FNL2BU1 BookliteEnergizer FNL2BU1 BookliteEnergizer FNL2BU1 BookliteEnergizer FNL2BU1 Booklite


  • 30 hours rum time as advertised
  • 2 x CR2032 Lithium batteries supplied with the Booklite
  • Booklite clip gives firm grip
  • Bright LED Bulb with slide switch On/Off button
  • Life time warranty of the product as described on the kit
  • Used where other energy sources have to be avoided or when they are not available
  • Energy saving Lithium replaceable batteries
  • No gas, no smoke, no pollution
  • The neck is adjustable for small or big book

  • Technical Specifications

  • Item Reviewed Energizer FNL2BU1 Booklite
  • Weight (with battery) 38 gm
  • Case Material Plastic
  • Bulb Type 5mm Nichia LED
  • Battery / Power Type 2 x CR2032 – lithium batteries
  • Battery Life Approximately 18 hours (tested)
  • Warranty Litetime from Energizer
  • Light Rating

  • Looks
  • Build Quality
  • Runtime
  • Output
  • Features
  • Usability

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Energizer FNL2BU1 Booklite